Lisa Batiashvili shares her insights on the piece, as well as advice to violinists learning the work

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Welcome to the very first episode of The Strad Podcast. Violinist Lisa Batiashvili speaks to The Strad’s online editor Davina Shum ahead of her performance of the Sibelius Violin Concerto for Audi Summer Concerts. Listen to Batiashvili’s personal insights on the piece, advice for violinists new to the work, and what it’s like to perform during a pandemic.

Watch Lisa Batiashvili’s performance live here:

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Excerpt of Sibelius violin concerto in D minor, first movement used with permission from Lisa Batiashvili.

Tchaikovsky/Sibelius Lisa Batiashvili (vn) Staatskapelle Berlin / Daniel Barenboim

UPC: 00028947960386

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