For classical music world star, Lisa Batiashvili, one of the most life-changing events occurred at only 12 years of age. An early musical talent, the German violinist with Georgian roots left her then war-torn home country for Europe, to become one of the most renowned musicians of our time. Benefiting from the developed musical infrastructure of the west and receiving early and generous support from many sides over the years, she was given privileged access to a top-class musical education under the patronage of leading teachers and role models. As a result, she has built a profound artistic career with long-standing relationships to the world’s leading orchestras, conductors, and musicians. With the formation of the LISA BATIASHVILI FOUNDATION, she now seeks to share the support she was given and bring even greater focus to her ongoing steady commitment to strengthen the professional musical education in Georgia.

“There comes a time in life when you turn towards the next generation and feel the urge to pass on what you yourself have experienced within music. I feel very connected to my homeland. Georgia is a small country with an incredible amount of talent. “

Starting from 2021, the LISA BATIASHVILI FOUNDATION will strive to provide individually tailored support to young, highly talented musicians living in Georgia, who lack the sufficient financial means to embark on a promising professional career of their own. By providing new perspectives that are not sufficiently available in Georgia alone, the foundation aims to create opportunities for them to gather insights from new cultural encounters and grow on an international level. The foundation’s main source of inspiration and local partner – the Tsinandali Festival – will work in close collaboration to fulfill this long-term vision. Alongside allocating the necessary material resources, the foundation’s foremost focus is to open up opportunities which allow a profound personal and artistic development.

The scholarship holders and the scope of funding granted to them are selected individually and personally by Lisa Batiashvili, founder and artistic director, together with the foundation’s artistic advisory board, all of whom are established and well-known key figures of the international professional music scene. Additionally, the foundation will announce an opening once every year for potential candidates to submit their own application.

In these difficult times, in which the pandemic has ravaged and restricted possibilities for artists on every imaginable level, the younger generation is especially in need of support. Young, up-and-coming artists in particular are facing drastic and consequential uncertainty in their immediate future. In times of crisis, necessary help is in short supply. This is all the more reason for donors and partners of the LISA BATIASHVILI FOUNDATION to contribute where talent is great but need most dire, focusing their efforts and attention and sustainably shaping the future of music.

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