Lisa Batiashvili starts the year touring with the London Symphony Orchestra and Sir Simon Rattle performing the solo in Berg’s Violin Concerto, his best-known and most frequently performed instrumental piece, in which the composer sought to reconcile diatonicism and dodecaphony. This tour takes them to five different cities for six performances, listed below:

January 19 Barbican Hall
January 25 Philharmonie de Paris
February 13 Barbican Hall
February 18 Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
February 20 Festspielhaus Baden-Baden
February 22 Theater Bonn
February 23 Luxembourg Philharmonie

Also on the program is Beethoven’s Christus am Ölberge (Christ on the Mount of Olives) featuring soprano Elsa Dreisig, tenor Pavol Breslik, and bass David Soar.