This performance is lively and warm, partly thanks to Batiashvili [the concerto's electrifying soloist on this CD], who sets the dominant tone in her darkly sensuous opening line . . . throughout Batiashvili remains herself: less showy than some but deeply responsive to the music's inner workings and its colours. The range of hues summoned within her long phrasings is wondrously wide, each one delicately applied. The slow movement, the concerto's singing heart, is tender without being sentimental... Here is the sort of thoughtful reading that makes you fall in love with the concerto all over again.

The Times, 01/2013

“Batiashvili can always justify revisiting a popular work such as the Brahms Violin Concerto. Her reading of this tough masterpiece is more lyrical than combative, but there is a tensile quality throughout. Speeds are well judged and the Dresden band play winningly. It was a brilliant idea to fill the disc with the Three Romances, Op 22, by the woman with whom Brahms became infatuated. Lush and poignant, they make one regret that Clara’s career as a composer became subordinate to her husband’s.”

The Sunday Times, 01/2013

“Batiashvili maintains a firm line and a sweetly singing tone throughout, again coaxing from Thielemann and the Staatskapelle Dresden an intimate veil of sound, expressive and dreamily impassioned . . . . Batiashvili manages to impress her own stamp upon a performance that balances the intimate gesture with the heroic impulse.”

Audiophile Audition, 01/2013

“From her very first entry until the last note she played, I was in some kind of trance caused by the exquisite, rich, silky tone which emanated from her 1709 Stradivarius. Not only was her sound beautiful, but she commanded the stage, seemingly feeling completely at ease in front of the orchestra. There was some great virtuosic playing too, most notably in the cadenza, where Batiashvili elected to play her own adaption of Fritz Kreisler’s cadenza, rather than the more common one by Brahms’ colleague Joseph Joachim.”

Bachtrack 02/2012 — (concert with Sydney Symphony Orchestra)